Our Story

One day I will write the long version of our story, but for now here's the short story.

We met when I was 18, he was 20.  We quickly fell in love and decided after six months of dating that we wanted to get married.  A year and three months from first meeting each other, we became man and wife.  We were so young, so poor, and so happy to be married.

We've now been married for 19 years.

We are so blessed to have three sons.  They are our joy.

We've had ups and downs and weathered job loss, miscarriage, sickness, lean times, and trials.
We've also had overwhelming blessings, God's hand on our lives, happiness, and much love.
We are content, yet have dreams and still want to do more, live more, and be more.
We love the Lord and try to live for him each day.  
This is our life.

House of Aaron, trust in the Lord
    he is their help and shield.

Psalm 115:10



Grannie said...

Love the new look! See you soon

Ace said...

why did i not know that you have a blog. count me a follower!

Lori said...

Aww, thanks for following Jen!