Friday, August 22, 2014

A New School Year - 5th and 9th Grade

School has begun this week for our 5th and 9th grader. 

 I usually try to take some back to school photos, but this year I had some resistance.  I finally talked them into it (for memories boys, it's our tradition, it will just take a few minutes). 

We are blessed to be a part of a homeschool co-op.  The boys have a full day of school on Monday...

First day of co-op

  then we work from home Tuesday through Friday.
These boys are delightful and so much fun.  I'm loving them getting older.  Their personalities are so much fun, they help out a lot around the house, and they are becoming great guys! They've had a full and wonderful summer, more on that soon, but were both ready for the school year to start.

The years have flown by:

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