Sunday, March 2, 2014


Somehow I blinked and its March.  Every March is so busy for us, but this one is gearing up to be even more so.

Caleb's attending a youth retreat this weekend and then Monday is his 14th birthday.

 14, you guys.  Or for you Southerners, 14, y'all!

(Tangent alert- living in Texas, I receive emails and see on facebook posts people using the word y'all.  For example: "Thanks y'all for the birthday wishes", or "Y'all, I just can't take the cuteness of these children", or "Y'all are the best."  I'm slowly finding myself wanting to use the word y'all too.  But I will stay strong and stick with you guys or you all. End of tangent.)

Caleb's intelligent, brave, unique, kind, and loving.  He also likes his own way, wants to share his opinion a lot, and stubborn.  (Hmmm, maybe like me?)

Next in March is our wedding anniversary.  18 years y'all, I mean you guys!  We'll try to have a date night to celebrate.  So glad that he picked me and I picked him.

Our anniversary will be followed by a Spring Break trip to my parent's house for a mini cousin camp.  The cousins have so much fun together and I just love being around my family.
Then we have this wild boys birthday.  He'll be 10 and our family will be out of single digits.

Watch out world for this boy.  He keeps us on our toes, always makes us laugh, and is a bit of a fireball.

 Then Big A turns the big 4-0.  He's a wonderful dad, husband, and provider.  He's also so kind.  I'm so thankful for him!

Plus, we have a mini family vacation scheduled this month.  I so love March with all of the birthdays and celebrations.  But it can get a little crazy.  I'm going to take it one day at a time and fully enjoy this month.