Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


Finding beauty in winter.


Learning all the tricks for multiplication.  He's almost there!

My new arrangement.  All items were either gifts or thrift store/ garage sale finds that I took from other parts of the house.  It's a perfect place to put some of my finds that I like but never before really knew what to do with.  Next, I want to add a chalkboard above the table.

He's become such a reader.  Over the last two weeks he's been reading through The Name of This Book is a Secret series.  He loved all of the books and while he was reading he kept stopping to tell me something he had read.


Boys are brave and funny.  First, he reached his hand into this deep, dark hole in this tree.  I might have screamed from fright. 

Next, he jumped a ditch and made it across, but one foot landed in soft mud.  I wasn't laughing about it when it happened, but am now.  I wish I was the kind of Mom who would laugh and say no big deal!

Luke all bundled up.  Poor Captain really wishes we would let him get on the couch. 


I was excited to try a new recipe - one block cream cheese, refrigerated tortellini, two cans diced tomatoes, two cups fresh spinach, and spices and place in the crockpot for four hours.  It smelled good, but seemed to be missing something and the tortellini was overcooked.  Not my favorite.  I may try this recipe next time and add sausage and wait and put the tortellini in during the last hour of cooking.

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