Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

I know, I know...Thanksgiving was a long time ago.  I kept meaning to blog about our Thanksgiving, but it somehow slipped through the cracks.  I took so many pictures and we had the best time and somehow if I don't blog about it I won't remember the details. 

For our Thanksgiving we traveled to my parents house in the Dallas area, and had the best time with my parents, my siblings and their families.  I love, love my family, but we just do not get to see them enough.  Sometimes my heart hurts when I think of my family and how far away I am from them. 

On to the pictures....

My Mom is a superb cook, and she makes the best turkey too.  Needless to say we feasted and it was all so delicious.

Yes, this picture about sums up my brothers. Love them!

Then the real fun happened for the gaggle of guys.  Three dads and six boys began an epic football game.  Dads vs. Boys. 3 against 6.

Then on Friday, my parents planned a special night for all of us.

We began the evening at IN-N-OUT Burger.  We may have taken over the restaurant.

Then we journeyed downtown to the Dallas Theater Center to see A Christmas Carol.

And oh my word, this was the most spectacular performance.  The acting was incredible, there was superb singing, a flying ghost, and I just can't even explain everything that made it so good. The retelling of this classic story was so well done.  And the story just gets me every time.  It always brings me to tears.

  All the cousins loved it too!

Oh how I love my beautiful nieces.  They are delightful and such a joy to be with.  Again, my heart hurts I miss them so much!

 My parents treated all of us to dinner and a night at the theater in downtown Dallas.  Um yes, I do know that I have wonderful, generous parents.

On Saturday, more football was played and my Dad grilled for us.  The weather was beautiful and we ate out on the deck. 

On Sunday we sadly headed home, back to our real life.  Thank you Mom and Dad for a memorable Thanksgiving.  And sorry Dad that we ate all of your candy and sorry Mom for cluttering your kitchen with our shoes. :)

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