Saturday, January 11, 2014

Our Christmas

Christmas morning was spent at our house.  We explained to the boys we wouldn't open presents before 7:00 a.m. 

Luke woke up 5:30 a.m. and came into my room and said, "Mom I'm awake."  I sleepily requested that he get under the covers and fall back to sleep.  By 6:30 I pulled myself out of bed and I snapped a few pictures of the early bird while waiting for the other two guys to wake up.

A few minutes later, before 7:00a.m., gift opening began. Caleb and Luke wanted to give us our presents first.  I love that they had so much excitement for giving. They gave me two coffee cups and a pack of placemats.  I love the cups and the placemats!

 Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of us opening gifts.

So imagine us in our pj's, wrapping paper all over the floor, smiles on our faces, while opening gifts.

 Christmas breakfast was cinnamon roles, fruit, and breakfast casserole.

We then got dressed and traveled to hubby's parents house.

This was the first Christmas in forever that we were able to spend with hubby's brother and his family. The cousins had lots of fun together.

Fun alternating between someone's new Wii U and other technology toys and outside goofing around like, well, kids.

My mother-in-law's decorations were beautiful and the food was delicious.

 Uncle A with the gang.

Sadly, I never snapped a picture of all the grownups, just lots of the cousins.

I did get one of me and Brianna.  Such a sweet girl.

We had a fabulous Christmas! I missed being with my family but had so much fun with this side of the family.


Grannie said...

Christmas seems so l o n g ago now! Great pics and I am so glad you got to spend time with Joel and family. LOVe Ann's tree...she always did have that special soon

Lori said...

I know it's does seem so long ago. I'm working on a Thanksgiving post next. I'm so behind!