Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Homeschool Family

Cast of Characters:
Caleb ~ 8th Grader
Luke ~ 4th Grader
Captain ~ Faithful Dog
Big A ~ Dad/ Tireless Worker/ Provider
Mom ~ Homeschool teacher/ Cook/ Laundress

The Day Begins:
6:45 am ~ Captain wakes up Caleb and outside they go.
7:00 am ~ Once Caleb is awake, he's ready for the day.  But the rest of the house is asleep so he reads on the couch.
7:30 am ~ Caleb feeds Captain and the outside cats.  Caleb is getting hungry himself.
7:45 am ~ Mom wakes up (she may have stayed up too late the night before with Big A watching Netflix).  Mom showers and gets dressed.
8:15 am ~ Luke wakes up and groggily makes his way to the couch. He reads a book on his Kindle.

8:30 am ~ Breakfast and reading of the morning paper.  Caleb, our big NFL fan, is very interested in the article in the Sports page about Richard Sherman, the Seattle Seahawks player who had an on-air rant at the end of a playoff football game.  Caleb agrees it was immature, but doesn't think Sherman should be called a thug as some are doing.

 9:10 am ~ The boys shower and get dressed.  Mom starts some laundry.
School Begins
9:30 am ~  Caleb works on Latin.  The boys attend a homeschool co-op every Monday.  At co-op they take classes in Latin, Science, Biblical Worldview (Caleb), History, Literature, Writing, Drama or Music, Art (Luke) and P.E. They then have work to complete at home on Tuesday through Friday.

9:45 am ~ Reading for Biblical Worldview

10:15 am ~ On to World History

Meanwhile, Luke is working on Latin...

and Literature.

11:00 am ~ Caleb works on Biology

11:15 am ~ Luke works on his writing assignment.

Then reads a fold-out book about Ancient Rome.

And next begins his study on the human body.

11:30 am ~ Caleb's Literature teacher has assigned Oliver Twist and Caleb has to finish the book this week.  He says he doesn't like this book because of all the bad things that happen. 

12:45 pm ~ Lunch (choices from Mom's cafeteria this day included: leftovers from the night before, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or quesadillas).  Dad, who is working from home, joins us.

1:15 pm ~ Outside play time for Luke and Captain.
1:35 pm ~ Luke helps Dad cut some wood and carry it inside in preparation for the cold front and possible ice and snow that might come that night.

 1:55 pm ~ Time for Luke to work on more school work.

 Luke works on math on the computer.

 And then handwriting. 

 1:15 pm ~ Meanwhile Caleb and Mom work on Algebra together.  He prefers to read through the lesson and then work each problem out on the white board.  Mom checks each answer as he goes and if he gets one wrong the two of them work through it together to figure it out.  Today it takes Caleb and hour and a half to complete the lesson.

2:15 pm ~ Exercise time.  For real... this is important to Luke, he likes to lift weights. Two pound weights.

Meanwhile, Captain waits.

End of School Day
3:15 pm ~ Mom calls it a day even though a few subjects were missed (spelling and our daily devotional).  They'll get done the next day.

3:30 pm ~ Free Time. The boys choose to listen to music on Pandora and read. Normally, they'd be outside, but the cold front has arrived.  Mom works on some laundry.

4:00 pm ~ The boys play video games while Mom runs to the post office and then begins working on dinner. 
4:45 pm ~ Caleb's on Captain duty.  First a walk around the neighborhood and then feeding.
6:00 pm ~ Dad's done with work and dinner is served, Vegetable Beef Stew.  Luke informs us that he is tired of having soups and stews.

6:30 pm ~ The boys unload the dishwasher and help clean up from dinner.
7:00 pm ~ Game Night.  Each night a family member is chosen to pick what the family activity is after dinner.  It's Big A's night and he decides the activity will be a game of Yahtzee.

8:15 pm ~ The boys watch one show on Netflix.  Mom works on some laundry.
8:45 pm ~ Caleb plays the new Switchfoot album for the family. 
9:30 pm ~ The boys head to their rooms to prepare for bed and read books.
10:00 pm ~ Lights out and prayers.  And the boys are soon asleep.
10:30 pm ~ Mom and Dad watch a few episodes of their favorite shows that have been recorded.
12:00 pm ~ The whole family is tucked in and asleep for the night.  The morning will soon come and we'll do it again.
The day is over.

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