Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our DIY Christmas Pictures

Each Christmas I usually send out a picture card to our extended family.  This year I dreamed about matching clothes and the perfect setting and even maybe a professional photographer.  All nice thoughts, but none of that happened.  As I usually do, I think about something and then on the spur of the moment decide it needs to happen right then.  So one day last week the boys mowed the grass and raked leaves.  They got cleaned up and I then asked the boys if I could please take pictures of them.  I might have promised they could play video games when we were done.  I gathered props- the quilt from Caleb's bed, a $2 garage sale vintage suitcase, a small tree, a basket of ornaments, and my chalkboard signs.  All things from around the house.  Caleb put on his favorite long sleeve shirt and I found a hand me down shirt in Luke's closet that would work for him.

Picture taking began.  We first had the idea that Captain would sit quietly and gaze at the camera and we'd get a perfect picture of the three of them.

We were able to get one picture of him looking at the camera- I have to admit I love this picture.

 The boys and the dog were a little silly and fidgety.  I think I should have used the outtakes on the Christmas card.

I finally got a perfect picture of the boys!

Caleb was done, but Luke was happy to keep posing.  I love that boy and his smile and those freckles and his heart!

The next day I decided I wanted to try to capture a picture of the whole family.  I mean people want to see me and hubby too, right?  I gathered Caleb's quilt, made the boys put on their shirts again, talked hubby into posing too, and placed my camera on a step ladder, and set the timer. It took us a few times to get everything right.

 Finally a family picture!  No matching clothes, no professional photographer, no fancy setting.  The picture certainly isn't perfect and I wish the chain link fence wasn't in the background, but guess what? It's fine.  The picture is about the people.  And I certainly love these three guys! 

Merry Christmas from the Garzas!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Animal Cell Model

For Caleb's Biology class he was assigned to either make a plant or animal cell 3D model. The suggestions given were to use food, styrofoam, or candy.  I didn't want to have to go to the store and by any supplies.  Caleb agreed to look around the house and see what he could use, and he had a brilliant idea to use an old Ethernet card he had saved in his room. 

He needed a barrier for the outside to represent the plasma membrane.  I found an embroidery hoop in my craft items that worked perfectly.  We found the box in our stash of boxes, used green construction paper, string that we had, and he labeled everything.

In his Biology class at co-op he had to present his project.  His teacher said his was the most creative.  I love how this project turned out!  And it didn't cost us a cent.