Friday, October 25, 2013

Harvest Festival

Last Saturday we attended the Harvest Festival in Woodville, TX.  We've gone almost every year for the past six years or so. 

It's at a living museum of pioneer life, complete with a main street and lots of buildings filled with period items.  There's music and dancing all day on the main stage.

Sometimes I really wish I lived in a simpler time.  Maybe when husband and I are older I can talk him into wearing a period costume like the ones below, and we can pretend for a day we live in a different time.

This place just makes me happy.  It's so quaint and peaceful and just my style.

Over the years, on the stage, we've heard bluegrass, country, and gospel music; a whistler; seen a Russian dance troop, cloggers, and a Native American dance.  The acts are always entertaining.

The man in the blue kept trying to get the boys to sign up to join him in the army and to get their picture taken with him.  They declined on the picture and joining the army.

There is a second stage and I think this dulcimer group played almost all day.  I love, love to hear them play.  Again, I think this is another thing hubby and I can do in our senior years.  I'll just have to talk him into it.

Suddenly, our peaceful day was disturbed.  A reenactment of a shootout occurred.  The "lady" accused one of the men of man-handling her, so the man in the long jacket shot the accused who fell over presumably dead.  But the man was only injured and was able to sit up for a minute and shoot the other two guys.  But not before one of them took one more shot at him. All three men ended up dead from the shootout. 

This used to be Caleb's favorite building to visit.  

Caleb used to adore trains.  When he was younger we would spend forever in this building watching all of the trains.  This year, though, we were in and out pretty quickly.

 The day is just made better by lunch at The Pickett House Restaurant.  It's world famous.

The food is served family style.  There's all you can eat fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes and gravy, greens, black-eyed peas, biscuits and cornbread.  This is the only thing on the menu.  Not sure the picture does this meal justice, but it was so good!

Oh, and the peach cobbler for dessert is so delicious.  I might have had two servings, since neither boy likes cobbler.

Luke loves camo.  He was so excited to get to wear these hand me down paints from Caleb for the first time.  In the morning as he was getting dressed, he cautiously asked me if he could wear his viper shirt with his camo pants as he wasn't sure it matched.  Looks like a perfect outfit to me for a day in the country. Oh, and his look was completed with his camo $2 yard sale Justin boots.

Luke rang the school bell and then...

these two little guys went up to the bell and kept looking at the bell and trying to figure out how to reach the rope and make the noise too.  It was so cute. 

We finished the day with a hike through the trails that surround the village.

The best part about the Harvest Festival is spending time with these guys.  It surely wouldn't be as fun without them. 

Lastly, we rode a school bus to get back to the parking lot.  My homeschool boy thought this was the best thing ever.  Probably the favorite part of his day.  He sat in the back seat and smiled through every bump.

Till next year.

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