Friday, October 11, 2013


I had a most enjoyable birthday this year.  We schooled in the morning.  Then the fun began.  We headed to the botanical gardens in our town.  I love it because it's so beautiful, it's free, and it's just big enough.

The boys humored me and posed for a few pictures.  These guys are growing up so fast.  I cannot believe they are 13 and 9.  I miss having a little one in the house, but I treasure these years as they are getting older as well.  My 13 year old is a joy and a big help around the house.  He cuts the grass, carries in groceries, folds clothes, and if he sees me hand washing any dishes he will walk over, grab a towel, and dry and put away for me.  It's hard to believe he was a little before.  Now he's almost 6 feet tall and delightful.

We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed the lovely weather.  The boys of course needed to run a little bit.

Then we headed home and when hubby made it home from work it was present time.  Luke had some money saved up and purchased a gift for me with his own money.  He puts his hands over his ears when he is nervous, and in the first picture below you can see what he was doing as I opened the gift he picked out and bought for me.  So sweet.  Caleb too made his nervous face when I opened his gift.  He gave me the owl candle holder.  Luke gave me the colorful bird.  I adore both of their gifts! Aaron gave me a new book I've been wanting, a Hillsong United CD, and a gift card to Old Navy.  He knows me: a book, music, and shopping.  What could be better than that?

We then headed to dinner at Saltgrass, where I had a delicious dinner of Coconut Shrimp.  Our food was so good.  Then we headed home and I was surprised with pistachio almond ice cream cake.  Oh my goodness, the yumminess!

 I know that I'm incredibly blessed to have such a caring husband and two great boys.  I'm so happy to be 37.  37 seems like a great age to be and a year that new things can happen.


Grannie said...

As usual love the blog...glad you had a good birthday! Love that coconut shrimp...hey, did you get the Chris Fabry book? Oh well just ordered you saw my post. The gardens has added stuff! Hope to see it again ya

Lori said...

Yes, I mentioned to the guys a few books I wanted and they got me his new one. I started it and its good. We must go back to the gardens next time you come. :)