Friday, September 13, 2013

I just didn't know...

When I got married at 19 years old, my friends kept telling me I'd have a baby soon.  One of my friends insisted we 'd grow our family within a year.  Hubby and I told everyone the same thing, maybe in 10 years we would have a family.

Thank goodness for God's plans.  Our first son came sooner than 10 years and I'm so incredibly grateful for that.

Caleb and Luke are gifts from God.  We treasure them.

I cannot believe they are 9 and 13 years old.  I love the ages they are now.

I want the years to slow down, but they just seem to speed by.

Our house is a bit crazy, messy, and nothing fancy.  Oh, how I want the boys to remember our house being filled with fun, laughter, and love.

I just didn't know, at age 19, how wonderful it would be to have a child.

I look at my life as B.C. (before children) and A.C. (after children).  A.C. is so much better than B.C.

I'd love to grow our family, but I'm not sure if that's God's will for us.  I get a little sad thinking about grown up sons and no children in the house.

Today I saw a dear lady I've known for several years.  In passing she mentioned to me that her 4 month old grandson was spending the night with her and her husband tonight.  She shared how her husband dotes on the grandchild- changes diapers, feeds him, sings to him, gets up with him in the night - things he never did with their own three children.  She said, "That man gets tears in his eyes talking about how wonderful our grandson is."

She then said, "Our grandson has brought life to our family."
Now, I'm not planning on grandchildren any time soon, but I loved how she was so excited and overjoyed by the new baby in her family and how this baby has brought life and enjoyment and pleasure to their home.

That is what our two boys have brought to our home.

I'm thankful to be a mom to two boys that I adore.  At 19, I didn't know the love and delight and happiness having children would bring.

Don't you see that children are God's best gift?
the fruit of the womb his generous legacy?
Like a warrior's fistful of arrows
are the children of a vigorous youth.

Psalm 127:3-4 
The Message

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Grannie said...

Love the are blessed and YES you would have been a great mother to many more children BUT as you said...God has a plan...I expect you will have a full gabble of Caleb's new look...nice..hope to see you soon!