Saturday, June 15, 2013


Luke asked for one thing for Christmas...a dog.   He requested a puppy and said he didn't need any other gifts except for the perfect puppy.

Now here are some things about us:

  1. We are not dog people.
  2. We have a small yard.
  3. We do not give our kids everything they ask for.
  4. Did I mention, we are not dog people?

We told Luke at Christmas we would get him a dog, but that we needed time to find the perfect pup for our family. And, maybe Luke might change his mind?

Luke never changed his mind.  He and I spent hours looking though dog books, studying different breeds, and browsing available dogs online.

We finally decided on a Miniature Schnauzer.  In February, Luke's doggie wishes came true and Captain joined our family.

Little Captain was a little ball of cuteness and fun.

He's been spoiled, especially by hubby, and he's always in the middle of the action.

He sometimes gets into trouble.
"What plant?  I don't know anything about a plant being destroyed."

I think we have slowly become a dog family.  Now Caleb is asking for a Golden Retriever.  (We are not saying yes to that one.)

Captain has grown and his fur has become decidedly shaggy.  He looked like a mini shaggy dog.

We knew it was time for his grooming.

We took our shaggy dog into the groomers and he walked out a completely different dog!  We are trying to get used to the change in him.  

The vote's still out, some of us love his new look, others of us are sad to say goodbye to the shaggy dog look.

New, and maybe improved, Captain

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Grannie said...

He is so cute! Hmmm..I like the new will be nice for the summer. Have a good day...know you have a big day planned for Big to you soon :)