Thursday, January 3, 2013

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My new $3.99 coat from Goodwill. 


My Mom passed these dishes on to me, and I absolutely love them.  We have been using these plates at every meal.  I'm calling them winter plates instead of Christmas plates.


Luke after bath time, with a soft blanket next to him, his two puppies, and one of his airplane books.  So Luke.


Our cat may be a little spoiled.


Mocha Frappe and laundry....keeping it real.

I'm linking up to Like Mother, Like Daughter.

round button chicken


brightobjects said...

Our black cat is the exact same way, but usually he's just draped on the hubby.

Roxie said...

My mom gave us her Christmas plates this year also! They have snowmen, pine trees and say, "Let it snow." I plan on using them until Valentine's Day. I love the caramel frappe at McD's!

Lori said...

Thanks for visiting Roxie! That's a great idea to use my "winter plates" through Valentine's Day!

Grannie said...

Love your post!! Leave it to you to find the great buy on the coat. Glad you liked the dishes....I think that's awesome using them beyond Christas...who knows might even bring some
s n o w there to Beaumont. Love ya!

Lisa said...

You're right to call them winter plates - use them as long as the snow flies! Very cheery.

Leila said...

Very cute! Little guy in his bathrobe -- clean and cozy!