Friday, November 30, 2012

Polka Dots, Baptism, Thanksgiving, and a Dog

Earlier this month we traveled to one of our favorite places- my parent's house five hours away.  We always have such a good time there.  There's something so wonderful about parents that love you and support, no matter how old one gets.  We ate so much delicious food and had such a fabulous time.  I loved that my lovely Mom and I both wore our polka dot shirts on the same day. 

On Sunday morning at my Dad's church, he baptized both Caleb and Luke.  It was so special for my Dad to be able to baptize them.  My Dad baptized me when I was little, baptized Aaron when he was 21, and now has baptized both boys.  We had been talking to Caleb about the importance of water baptism, how it was the next step,  and how it publicly signalized that a person is a follower of Christ.  Luke chimed in right away, "Well, Mom I want to do that!"  Both boys opted to be baptized by my Dad.

We spent Thanksgiving this year with Aaron's parents.  We had such a delicious feast of food.  Thanksgiving pics:

Our tree is up and we are gearing up for Christmas.  I love, love Christmas time.  And I can't wait for my college classes to be over and for a break from homeschooling.  Looking forward to no school work needing to be done in our house for almost a month!

Luke has been begging and pleading and requesting something for the last month or so.  It is number one on his Christmas list and he says he wants it more than anything else.  He says to get him this and nothing else.

I'm slightly anxious about this one.  We are not dog people, at least I am not.  Can we handle a dog?  Do we have time and room for a dog?  Will Luke get tired of the dog after a while?  We are leaning towards making his Christmas dream come true, but then I don't know what kind of dog.  Where do we get a dog from?  So many questions.....stay tuned.