Saturday, October 6, 2012

We'd rather be in McKinney

We'd been planning for a few months to go to my parent's house in McKinney this weekend.  Hubby had taken two days off of work and everything was ready.  Sadly, we are at home and not in McKinney.

First:  Our air conditioning went out on Wednesday- it won't blow air at all.  And it was 90 degrees.  Okay, we can deal with this.  The a/c guy cannot come until Thursday, the day we are supposed to leave.  We are still thinking we can have him come, he can do a quick fix, and we can be on our way.  On Thursday he calls and says something came up and that he cannot come until Friday at noon.  

Second:  The boys are taking tennis lessons and are both enjoying it.  Thursday morning Luke couldn't finish his lesson because he felt like he was going to throw up and his throat hurt so bad.  We came home and he ended up on the couch with fever to add to his other symptoms.  I just knew it was probably strep throat, as several students at our co-op had been sick with it last week.  I called the doctor's office and they let me bring him right in.  And yes, he has strep throat.  He was given antibiotics and we were told that he would be good to go in 24 hours and would not be contagious.

We thought okay, we'll give him 24 hours and leave a day late and still have a great weekend.  Ummm...the best laid plans.  The a/c guy comes on Friday and says our entire indoor unit needs to be changed out. !!?? ;(  And Friday at noon, Luke was feeling no better and in fact worse.

So we didn't get to visit with my parents and my sister and her family this weekend.  We didn't get to go to the Texas State Fair and have a corndog.  We didn't get to go to the Dallas Arboretum and see their pumpkin display.  We didn't get to go to church with my parents and hear my Dad's sermon.  Yes, people we had a full weekend planned.

We did get to enjoy the windows being open.  I did get a lot of sitting around time and a much slower pace these last few days than I've had since school started.

It's Saturday and Luke is still not feeling well.  In fact today he added throwing up to his arsenal of symptoms.  He is a trooper though and we are hoping he will be much better tomorrow.  He is so sweet, even when he is not feeling good.  He said to me, "mom thank you for taking care of me," and "mom, you are the kindest person I know."

Thankfully, a cool front has come in tonight.  We celebrated the cooler temps with hubby grilling.  So we had a dinner of steaks/hot dogs, boudain, and salads.

Here's to being thankful for the little things.  And hoping and praying for good health for all of us from here on out.  And to rescheduling our trip to McKinney.

*Side dishes:  Chili Cheese Frito Salad (so yummy, you must try it and yes, I did have a very large serving of it on my plate) and Cucumber and Tomato Salad.