Sunday, September 2, 2012


Today was a super Sunday.  

First at church we had a missionary family to Mozambique share about their ministry.  Their work is so inspiring, visit their website here.

After church we went to one of our favorite burger places.  Best onion rings ever!

We have needed a new grill for a long time.  I mentioned it to my Dad and he said Lowe's had placed many of their grills on clearance.  We headed there today and found this really nice charcoal grill (because that is the only way to grill according to hubby).  Original price was $199, clearance price was $149, plus because we purchased the floor sample we got an additional 15% off.  Final price $126.50 plus tax.  Tomorrow we are having steaks from the grill!

The afternoon included nap time/ quiet time/ video game time for the boys.  Then our after dinner entertainment- tennis.  The boys are going to take some tennis lessons this month.  They are very excited.  We headed out to the tennis courts tonight.   Luke kept saying, "This is so much fun Mom!"  

So enjoyed this special Sunday.