Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our 4th- a parade, Whataburger, pies, and sparklers

Last year for July 4th we attended a small neighborhood parade.  The parade consisted of fire trucks, golf carts, bikes, wagons, people walking, and such.  Luke emphatically declared that the next year he would ride his bike in the parade.

So for this July 4th, Luke made preparations to be in the parade.    

He decorated his bike for the occasion and we headed to the parade starting point.

Here he is lined up and ready to go.  Next to him is my new bike!  I love, love it.  Well, except for the fact that I sometimes have trouble getting off of it and the fact that the seat is, ahem, not very comfortable at all.  But back to Luke.  He was ready to go. And he looked cool.

Next to us the bagpipers were warming up.

Some of our fellow parade participants.

The parade started and Luke and I were off.  The only instructions we received was to stay behind the fire truck.  The order of the parade was Boy Scout color guard, bagpipers, fire truck, then us!

Dad and Caleb came to watch us.  We tried to get Caleb to participate with us, but sadly he replied, "Why are they going to pay me?"  Um, he is a stinker and that was not cool.

After the parade, we went to lunch at one of our favorite places to eat.  Yep, Whataburger.  The boys had gotten these coupons from the summer reading program.

All three of the guys in the family love Whataburger.  Luke loves the cheeseburgers and the cookie that comes with the kid's meal, Caleb loves the chicken and fries, Dad loves it because he is a Texas boy, and they all rave about the ketchup.

I appreciated Whataburger, but did not love it until I had this:

Chicken Fajita Taco.  I love it.  I could eat it every day and its only 420 calories. :)

Next we went home and the boys played video games and I made Luby's Coconut Cream Pies to take to the grandparents house.  I forgot to take a final picture.  But trust me the pies looked good and tasted good.

Dinner was catfish with coconut pie for dessert.  Then the chess competition started.

When darkness fell we headed out to the driveway for fireworks fun.

We had a fun and full and special July 4th.

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Grannie said...

LOVE IT! The Garza Guys and Gal can have so many adventures and FUN...hugs and kisses and see you soon!