Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

We traveled to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and my sister and my brother and their families and had the best time.

55 things I don't want to forget about our trip:

1.  The yummy Thanksgiving feast

2.  Meeting baby Nix and getting to hold him.
3.  Discovering Gold Rush on Discovery
4.  Seeing the San Antonio kittens
5.  Sitting by the fire
6.  Pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake

7.  Cooked breakfast courtesy of my Mom (fried eggs, bacon, grits, biscuits, pear butter)
8.  Cooked breakfast courtesy of my Dad (his yummy breakfast casserole)
9.  Thanksgiving leftovers

10.  Hearing my Dad play Christmas carols on the piano (Sleigh Ride!)
11.  Hearing Julie sing
12.  Seeing these three together in action
 13.  "It's Panda Day"
14.  Listening to Kaden's CD.  He is a future superstar.
15.  Robe buddies

 16.  Seeing Karson's smile
17.  Being entertained by Karson
18.  Witnessing Karson give his Dad a hard time over the oranges in the bowl

19.  Being around Tim and Julie (two of the smartest, most talented, and all around terrific people I know!)
20.  Gone With the Wind

20. Sledding in 60 degree weather

21.  Walking around downtown McKinney

22.  Luke's popular coonskin cap
23.  Riding in the van to the Gaylord
24.  Steak and Shake

25.  Snow in McKinney

26.  Black Friday Shopping with Camryn and Amy
27.  Not knowing where the store's are located
28.  Coffee run at 11:00 p.m.
29.  Old Navy and $1 scarves
30.  Target
31.  JCPenney and Tim's shirts

32.  My Mom taking the kids exploring on her land
33.  Not knowing how to use Tim's iphone and accidentally taking a video of them instead of a picture

34.  Laughing uncontrollable with Camryn over something Kaylin did
35.  Thrift store shopping

36.  Ham and my Mom's famous potato salad

37.  Continuing the tradition of seeing the lights at the Gaylord

38.  Seeing the Lego Gaylord

39.  Spending time with some of our favorite people

40.  Monopoly Deal with Camryn and Kaylin

41.  Camryn- one of my two favorite girls in the world!

42.  My other favorite girl in the world- she is so full of life and laughter!

43.  Kaylin and PawPaw telling jokes

44.  Monkey bread

45.  Luke crying on our last morning

46.  A last walk around the farm in the cold

 47.  Exploring Grannie's secret garden

48.  Having the best Thanksgiving ever!

49.  Visiting the animals at the barn.

50.  The kids hike and avoiding stickers and Caleb using his pocket knife.

51.  The big beautiful trees shedding leaves.

52.  Enjoying my parents and their hospitality

53.  Making memories to last a lifetime

54.  Cultivation relationships with my delightful family

55.  Knowing we can return anytime!

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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Grannie said...

Wow loved the recap!! Made me tear up... It was a great Thanksgiving!! Loved every minute.