Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

We told the boys the earliest they could wake us up Christmas morning was 6:45.  At 6:45 on the dot they bounded into our room and woke us up.  Caleb said he woke up at 4:00, 4:45, and 6:00, and then laid in his bed until 6:45.

Luke's favorite gift- a tree filled with stuffed animals.  He is so easy to please.

Caleb is now the proud owner of a Nintendo 3DS, which was a 2:00 in the morning, Black Friday score from Target that I made with my niece Camryn and Sister-in-law Amy.

We are so blessed!  We have been busy selling items on ebay and a large majority of our Christmas was paid for with ebay earnings.

Aaron went all out and gave me some of my favorite things: a purse, gloves, CDs, gift card for books, and a necklace.  I LOVE my gifts!!!!

My beautiful butterfly necklace!  I may wear it every day.

After presents we went to Aaron's parents house to spend the day.  Of course we had a Christmas feast.

I missed my family in Dallas, but so glad we got to spend Christmas in Beaumont and with Granna and PawPaw.

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Grannie said...

Just now catching up on blogs. Christmas looked so fantastic at the Garza Homestead. Love the pictures and loved you sharing them. Tell A wow loved those gifts! He knows your taste. What did you get him? Dinner looked great too. I know Ann is a great hostess. Tell them we said hello!
Love ya.