Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Educating Caleb, Lori, and Luke

School is in session for the three students.

We use the classical approach to education modeled by The Well-Trained Mind.  We are on a four year rotation for history and science.  This year history is early American history and goes from Christopher Columbus until Pre-Civil War.  Our main text for history is A History of US, but we also incorporate lots of other books.  History is heavy on reading. 
Some of the history books for both boys:

For Luke I am focusing on reading, writing, and arithmetic. 

At home we are using:
We'll make lapbooks, read lots of books, and try to have lots of adventures and fun.

At our weekly homeschool co-op Luke is taking Character First, Science, History, Literature, Music, Art, and P.E.  Some of these classes have take home work he completes Tuesday through Friday.

I need to add spelling and continue to work on manners with Luke.
I'm hoping for Luke to develop a love of reading.
I'm thinking of having Luke take piano lessons. 

Extracurricular activities for Luke: Cub Scouts.  He wanted to join Cub Scouts last year, but I just couldn't make it happen.  This year he is so excited and can't wait for his uniform and the fun stuff (camping, archery, pine wood derby!). 

Since Caleb is in junior high his classes at the co-op are a bit different than Luke's.  For all of them he has work to complete at home and bring in to be graded the next Monday.

At co-op Caleb is taking:
Additionally at home Caleb has:
I need to have Caleb memorize some scripture and work on character/manners.
I'm hoping to have Caleb become adept at typing this year.

Extracurricular activities:  TaeKwonDo (Caleb loves taekwondo.), Fall Baseball (starts this week), and Boy Scouts.  Caleb didn't want to miss out on all the fun Luke would be having in Cub Scouts, so yes he had to join too.  He's not quite as excited as Luke though so, we'll see.

Our school day starts each morning at 9 a.m. with a devotional, prayer, and the pledge.  Then we dig into their subjects.  Have I mentioned I love homeschooling the boys?  Have I ever mentioned it is not always nice and pretty and fun?  We have wonderful days and we have horrible days where we are all at odds with each other and yelling occurs.  That's life.  At this moment for us though homeschooling works. 

Lastly, this semester I am taking Political Science, Drug Use and Abuse, Promoting Social Justice, and the dreaded College Algebra.  The first three classes are online classes, but for Algebra I knew I needed to take that in person.  The first night of the class I was a bit nervous about it.  Two years ago I would think about completing my college degree and then I would think of college math and just thought that it was impossible for me.  

First night, I grabbed a pencil and headed to my class.  I sat down, got out my book, and pulled out my pencil.  Suddenly, I notice it is no ordinary pencil.  It is a pencil from Dixie Chili.  Dixie Chili is a restaurant in Kentucky that my grandmother worked at for 35 to 40 years. (I'll have to ask my Mom how long exactly.)  She started working there as a young mother to support her family.  She labored and provided and did the best she could.  I'm proud that she is my grandmother and that I am her granddaughter.  I can't really explain it, but that pencil gave me strength that night.  I thought of my grandmother, who never went to college, yet was an exceptional employee for Dixie Chili.  That was her journey and this is mine.  She made the best of her life and embraced what came her way the good and the bad.  So I am following in her footsteps and embracing college and algebra and will do the best that I can with my life.  Yes, all that from a pencil.

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