Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our 4th

I'm just a little late in posting about our 4th of July, but here goes.

First we headed to a small parade in town.

It was a small parade, with a small crowd. I loved it. Anyone can participate in the parade. You can walk it, bike it, or drive it, all they ask is that you decorate your vehicle.

Luke has already informed me that next year he will be riding his bike in the parade.

It really was the sweetest parade. Girl scouts handed out flags to the crowd, there was a girl dressed up as the Statue of Liberty handing out frisbees, and there was this boat. Not sure who this man is dressed up to be. George Washington maybe?

After the parade something exciting and wonderful happened that made me so happy. I got a new smartphone. Husband and I have shared a cell phone for years. He was getting ready to spend a week in Houston for training and needed to take the phone. He didn't want to leave me without a phone, so he got one for me. Never have I enjoyed going to Best Buy as much as this time. I am amazed at what my phone can do and having so much at my fingertips. I love my new toy!! :)

After the shopping trip, Luke wanted to ride his bike. He is riding so good and hasn't fallen at all!

July 4th dinner consisted of hamburgers from the grill, baked beans, and almost my Mom's potato salad. My Mom makes the most amazing potato salad. I have watched her make it many times and I pretty much know her secrets, but mine never tastes as good as hers.

Then we ventured downtown for the fireworks. Another momentous thing occurred this day. I got yelled at by a policeman. Yep. We were walking and wanted to get close to the fireworks. A certain street was closed off, but I could see people further down. We thought to head down by those people. We passed the barricade and then a policeman came and yelled at us and said we weren't allowed past the barricade. Um, yes sir. We backtracked, and walked a little and a lady called us over and said there was room by her family. I think she felt sorry for us getting yelled at. (Thanks, kind lady.) We sat down and waited for the show.

We couldn't figure out why we weren't allowed down that street. Countless other people got yelled at after us. We weren't even sure we were going to be able to see the fireworks from our spot. The fireworks began and they were right in front of us. Front row seat!

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