Monday, July 25, 2011

Note to self

We purchased a new scale, because there was something wrong with the one we had. The numbers were off somehow. There was no way we weighed as much as it was saying. We unpacked the new digital scale and stepped on. Guess what? Yes, we are delusional thinking the scale was off. In fact the new scale's numbers are higher.

Note to self: Eat less food and exercise more. The scale is not broken.

I was finally ready to finish my kitchen painting job. Yes, I am painting the entire kitchen and dining room. I am painting the old wood cabinets turquiose. Hoping it won't turn out tacky. So far I'm loving it. Anyway all cabinet doors are removed and waiting for paint. Everything in the kitchen has been painted. Today I decided I would paint the doors outside and the boys could play. We carried 20 cabinet doors outside and prepped them for painting. Got out the primer and guess what? A huge thunderstorm descended upon my backyard. I then had to pile 20 cabinet doors into the storage building. Tomorrow I will get the cabinet doors painted.

Note to self: Always check the weather report if you are planning to do something outside. And get the painting done ASAP.

In the midst of moving the cabinet doors outside and moving things around, I somehow dropped a full gallon paint can on my toe. Not a big toe, one of the little ones. It hurt so bad I started laughing. Luke was worried about me.

Note to self: Be careful with full paint cans or at least wear shoes. Take care of your toes.

Before said painting began, we had to make a run to the library to return some movies that were overdue. Yes, they were due last Wednesday and the late fee is $1 per day. (Yes, I have a problem, but the library does make money off of me.) UGH!! My fine was $13.45. I pulled out my checkbook, yea I'm one of those people who never has cash. I had conversed with the library attendant for about five minutes before this. I have also seen her on other visits. When she examined my driver's license she remarked, "Why, you're young!" Um, I don't think that was a good comment. Is she saying I look much older than my age? She thought I was much older than what I am? What does that mean?

Note to self: RETURN LIBRARY BOOKS AND DVDS ON TIME. THE LIBRARY IS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE. Also, remember to purchase and use wrinkle cream.

I purchased a lovely floral shirt from Goodwill for $3.99. I keep thinking that this is a pajama shirt and not a real shirt. Dilemma- do I wear this shirt out? Tonight I wore the shirt out on a few errands.

Note to self: Who cares if it is a pajama shirt or not. You like it so just wear it and enjoy it. See below for shirt in question.

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