Friday, June 3, 2011

Bravo Caleb

Last month Caleb's drama class at the homeschool co-op we attend put on two plays, "The Emperor's New Birthday Suit" and "The Glass Slipper". Caleb was in the Emperor and played the part of the Prime Minister. This part was extensive with many lines. He had so many practices. It was all worth it and the kids put on a spectacular show!

Caleb nailed it! Great job Caleb.

Would you like more from Caleb? Yes?? Well he has started his own blog to review toys, video games, movies, and books. His own idea.

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Dianna said...

Love it! What a great experience and wonderful have a handsome, talented young man on your hands,,,I did visit Caleb's blog...I could not post ///kept taking me to my google account? Tell him I think its great!!!