Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catch Up

February, March, and April flew by. Some of the fun we have had:

We have spent many hours at the ballpark with these two players.

Family time at Granna's house. Is it just me or does boy #1 look just like Dad in the following picture?

On a class field trip, we took a boat tour of the Neches River. This is in our town about 10 minutes from where we live. It felt like we were away from civilization and out exploring new lands.

The cypress trees were amazing.

The last leg of the journey, we spotted civilization. See that building poking out above the tree line? That's where Big A works.

Our homeschool Co-op put on a Renaissance Faire.

Amazingly, Johnny Depp came by for a visit in full Jack Sparrow costume. I made the boys take this picture. They didn't really want to.

Everyone came in costume. It was lots of fun for the students.

A random picture from my life courtesy of Luke.

Our kitten Paws is now a cat.

The boys both tested for new belts in TaeKwonDo. That's Luke on the far right.

Caleb in the back.

Yay, a new belt!

Science projects were due at Co-op. Caleb did his on the space shuttle. Here he is presenting it to his class. He is so amazing!

Luke's project was on volcanoes. He was so at ease presenting his project to his class.

We had a family night at co-op. Luke was in Down By the Creekbank. He was a natural on the stage. So proud of him.

One day Luke wanted to paint.

He worked hard on his painting of foxes.

Look closely at this picture, it sums up my life. I'm helping Luke paint, have my hot tea on the table, a load of clothes I'm trying to fold, overseeing Caleb write his report on space shuttles for his science project, all while there is a mess in the background. Yep, my life.

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Dianna said...

As usual Lori you and your family have such an incredible life! You cram more into a day then anyone I know. LOVE L O V E the pictures and updates of what is going on...seems like forever since I have seen you all...everyone...even Big A is adorable.....too cute...too sweet..amazing..words can't explain how happy your pictures make me and smile smile smile...I really needed a big ya tell everyone hello!!