Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Baseball

Sunday we attended the last home baseball game at Lamar University. Yes, the school I attend and where Big A graduated from. I flashed my student ID and received free admission, and got discounted admission for the three guys. Total cost for their three seats- $9.

Yes, many, many empty seats. I guess it's not a big draw in town. We were in the front row.

Funny story, whenever a foul ball was hit into the crowd, the announcer, would say, "Keep the foul ball for your souvenir courtesy of Neches Federal Credit Union." The boys were determined to get a souvenir/foul ball. Luke and I got a little restless during the game and walked around the stadium. Underneath the left hand side bleachers was a shaded area with picnic tables. I kid you not there were four ladies sitting at four different tables reading books. Luke and I sat down, and I was wishing I had brought a book. All of a sudden we hear a loud noise and a ball falls through the bleachers about ten feet a way from us. The ball fell down between the Cardinals and Baseball sign in the picture above. The announcer says his bit about the foul ball and Luke runs over and grabs the ball. The ladies reading never looked up from their books. Luke ran back to show Dad and Caleb his treasured foul ball. Caleb was able to get a foul ball about 15 minutes later, and everyone was happy.

After the game, the announcer invited all of the kids down to the field to run the bases. I promise there were more kids running the bases then just mine. But yes, there's Caleb with Luke following him.

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