Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baseball- Then and Now

Baseball. Just three more games left in the season. Luke's team for the second half of the season switched from coach pitch to machine pitch. Luke had no problem getting hits when the coach pitched, but the pitching machine has been a challenge. He hasn't gotten one hit against the machine.

Until his last game. They were playing the one girl team in the league. Luke went up to bat and HOORAY, he hit the ball and made it to 1st base! We cheered and cheered and he had a big smile on his face.

Side note: on Caleb's team, the players have been waiting for walks and not swinging the bat. It is an epidemic. Caleb is the 5th batter in the line up and dad explained to him that he is in that position to get a hit, not to walk. We told Caleb if he got a hit we would give him a couple of dollars. That sounds bad, but we were trying to encourage him to hit, because he is such a good hitter at practice. Well at Luke's game, we were sitting at the 3rd base line and when Luke made it to 3rd base, he yelled out to us, "I want some money- I got a hit."

Waiting for a walk is behind Caleb. He is hitting most times at bat. He also pitched again. I am so proud of him. Sadly, his team has gone win less for several weeks. I'm hoping they get a win in one of these last three games.

Last week after one of Caleb's games, we arrived home around seven and he proceeded to play baseball in the backyard with dad and some neighbor boys for an hour. Yes, he is loving baseball.

Last Sunday we took a drive and stopped by the little league park where Big A played growing up.

He had many memories as he played for six years on these fields.

There is just something special about being at the ballpark.

Little League baseball is: the sound of the ball hitting the bat, home runs, many strikeouts, the open sky, the concession stand, yelling coaches, cheering parents, and sometimes disappointed players and sometimes happy players.

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