Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All Smiles

My current state of mind is happy and carefree. I am all smiles!

Why? My college semester is over!

In July of last year, I felt lead to return to college. I had not been to college in 14 years. In August of last year I started back with a full schedule of online classes from our local university. My first semester back I earned all A's. I was hoping to earn all A's this semester again. I ended up with three A's and one B. My B was not in the class I had a test catastrophe. In that class, I received a 98 on a paper and ended up earning an unexpected A in the class. My B was in History, and the reason I got a B is solely my fault. Each week I had three discussion questions to answer online. I got behind on the questions and didn't complete them all. The professor gave us until the last week to get in all of the posts. I had a choice, work all night and get in the posts to get an A or not complete them and get a B. I really wanted to get all A's like my Mom and Big A did when he returned to school. But I took the easy way out and went to bed and took the B. I'm okay with this.

I feel like I have my life back, no deadlines, no assignments, no tests or papers due. I'm trying to enjoy it. I'm taking one summer class that starts June 2nd. After I complete that class I will officially be a junior. Hooray! Thanks to my three guys for all of their support and understanding this past year!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Baseball

Sunday we attended the last home baseball game at Lamar University. Yes, the school I attend and where Big A graduated from. I flashed my student ID and received free admission, and got discounted admission for the three guys. Total cost for their three seats- $9.

Yes, many, many empty seats. I guess it's not a big draw in town. We were in the front row.

Funny story, whenever a foul ball was hit into the crowd, the announcer, would say, "Keep the foul ball for your souvenir courtesy of Neches Federal Credit Union." The boys were determined to get a souvenir/foul ball. Luke and I got a little restless during the game and walked around the stadium. Underneath the left hand side bleachers was a shaded area with picnic tables. I kid you not there were four ladies sitting at four different tables reading books. Luke and I sat down, and I was wishing I had brought a book. All of a sudden we hear a loud noise and a ball falls through the bleachers about ten feet a way from us. The ball fell down between the Cardinals and Baseball sign in the picture above. The announcer says his bit about the foul ball and Luke runs over and grabs the ball. The ladies reading never looked up from their books. Luke ran back to show Dad and Caleb his treasured foul ball. Caleb was able to get a foul ball about 15 minutes later, and everyone was happy.

After the game, the announcer invited all of the kids down to the field to run the bases. I promise there were more kids running the bases then just mine. But yes, there's Caleb with Luke following him.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catch Up

February, March, and April flew by. Some of the fun we have had:

We have spent many hours at the ballpark with these two players.

Family time at Granna's house. Is it just me or does boy #1 look just like Dad in the following picture?

On a class field trip, we took a boat tour of the Neches River. This is in our town about 10 minutes from where we live. It felt like we were away from civilization and out exploring new lands.

The cypress trees were amazing.

The last leg of the journey, we spotted civilization. See that building poking out above the tree line? That's where Big A works.

Our homeschool Co-op put on a Renaissance Faire.

Amazingly, Johnny Depp came by for a visit in full Jack Sparrow costume. I made the boys take this picture. They didn't really want to.

Everyone came in costume. It was lots of fun for the students.

A random picture from my life courtesy of Luke.

Our kitten Paws is now a cat.

The boys both tested for new belts in TaeKwonDo. That's Luke on the far right.

Caleb in the back.

Yay, a new belt!

Science projects were due at Co-op. Caleb did his on the space shuttle. Here he is presenting it to his class. He is so amazing!

Luke's project was on volcanoes. He was so at ease presenting his project to his class.

We had a family night at co-op. Luke was in Down By the Creekbank. He was a natural on the stage. So proud of him.

One day Luke wanted to paint.

He worked hard on his painting of foxes.

Look closely at this picture, it sums up my life. I'm helping Luke paint, have my hot tea on the table, a load of clothes I'm trying to fold, overseeing Caleb write his report on space shuttles for his science project, all while there is a mess in the background. Yep, my life.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baseball- Then and Now

Baseball. Just three more games left in the season. Luke's team for the second half of the season switched from coach pitch to machine pitch. Luke had no problem getting hits when the coach pitched, but the pitching machine has been a challenge. He hasn't gotten one hit against the machine.

Until his last game. They were playing the one girl team in the league. Luke went up to bat and HOORAY, he hit the ball and made it to 1st base! We cheered and cheered and he had a big smile on his face.

Side note: on Caleb's team, the players have been waiting for walks and not swinging the bat. It is an epidemic. Caleb is the 5th batter in the line up and dad explained to him that he is in that position to get a hit, not to walk. We told Caleb if he got a hit we would give him a couple of dollars. That sounds bad, but we were trying to encourage him to hit, because he is such a good hitter at practice. Well at Luke's game, we were sitting at the 3rd base line and when Luke made it to 3rd base, he yelled out to us, "I want some money- I got a hit."

Waiting for a walk is behind Caleb. He is hitting most times at bat. He also pitched again. I am so proud of him. Sadly, his team has gone win less for several weeks. I'm hoping they get a win in one of these last three games.

Last week after one of Caleb's games, we arrived home around seven and he proceeded to play baseball in the backyard with dad and some neighbor boys for an hour. Yes, he is loving baseball.

Last Sunday we took a drive and stopped by the little league park where Big A played growing up.

He had many memories as he played for six years on these fields.

There is just something special about being at the ballpark.

Little League baseball is: the sound of the ball hitting the bat, home runs, many strikeouts, the open sky, the concession stand, yelling coaches, cheering parents, and sometimes disappointed players and sometimes happy players.