Thursday, April 7, 2011

Busy Mode

Recent happenings include: We celebrated something every week in March, Caleb's birthday, our 15th wedding anniversary, Luke's birthday, then Big A's birthday. It was a wonderful month! We spent one fun filled evening at the fair. Luke and I rode the Chinese Dragon little roller coaster. The whole time Luke was yelling, "Yay, this is awesome, I love it." Big A and the boys rode the balloons.

Lots of cuddles and hugs from Luke. He is seven and I know they won't last forever. :(

Baseball, baseball, baseball. You are consuming our lives, but we are loving it.

Caleb pitched the other night in the last inning of his game. The score was tied and the other team was trying hard to score. Caleb struck out the first batter, walked one, then the next two batters got hits, but the team got both of them out. Caleb's team was so excited to end the game with a tie. (Yes, they are struggling in the win column.)
So, so proud of Caleb. This is his first year to play and he has done so well. Remember he started out the very 1st practice with a black eye. He has persevered and gained so many baseball skills since then.

Counting down to the end of school. Come quickly May!

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Dianna said...

Love the pictures and the updates...March is a Month is Marvelous and a little Madness for the Garza house....but gotta love it. Thanks for the updates...tell the Garza Guys we send lots of hugs and kisses......XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOO