Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Everything is in His hands

Today I was reminded of how everything is in God's hands.

I had a test to take and it was only going to be available today. On the previous test I had in this class I had a catastrophe. I had one hour to take the test online. My computer has started this maddening practice of shutting down for no reason at all. I have no idea why. I just have to restart it and everything is fine. Well on my last test the computer shut down four times during the test. I ended up finishing the test in one hour and eight minutes. The professor, without ever sharing this information with the class, took twenty points off of every one's test that went over one hour. My test score went from a 92 to a 72. I was crushed. I work really hard for my grades and last semester got all A's. I emailed my professor and he wouldn't work with me and said that I was lucky that he didn't give me a zero on the test.

Caleb has a drama performance coming up next week. He has been having practice after practice during the day for it. Today he had practice from 9 to 12. Yesterday his drama teacher asked for any moms who could to stay and help with costumes, props, and backdrops during practice today. I told myself I was too busy, I just couldn't help. I was going to drop Caleb off for his three hour practice and Luke and I were going to go to the library at the university so I could take my test with no problems.

I woke up this morning and just felt like I needed to help at the drama practice. I told the boys over breakfast I would be helping and in the afternoon we would do schoolwork, chores, and that I would take my test at home. Caleb had a baseball game at five and there would be no time to go to the library.

We attended the practice and only three Moms were there to help. I worked hard those three hours. We came home and the time came for me to take the test. I laid my hands on the computer and prayed and asked God to touch the computer so I could take my test without stopping. I log on and when I go to pull up the test, there is a notice that said because of software problems the test has been moved and will be available for three days later in the week. So later in the week I will go to the library one evening and take the test. I loved how God solved my computer problems for this test today in an unexpected way.

Later I grabbed my Bible for a quick read and opened it up to Job. The chapter I read spoke directly to me. I can't even explain it, but God knew I needed to read that chapter today.

In the mail today we received a surprise- a check for over $500! We had overpaid our escrow account last year and this was our refund. I didn't even know it was coming.

It was getting close to dinner time and I needed to get something cooked quickly. Remember we have baseball at five. I had pork chops laid out that were supposed to go in the crock pot earlier, but that didn't happen. I searched online and found a recipe that sounded good and wouldn't take too long. It turned out great and we had just enough time to get ready to go.

Then the baseball game. Tonight Caleb's team was playing the Astros. There are only three teams in Caleb's division and they play each other repeatedly. The Astros have beat them every time. Tonight Caleb's team played smart and they were leading the game 10 to 7. There was lightning in the area so the game had to be called. It will be finished at a later date. But Caleb's team didn't lose tonight and they have a good chance to win this game.

Today felt like a gift to me. God reminding me that everything is in His hands. Tests, classes, plays, money, baseball games, dinner- everything.

One of my favorite songs:

Everything Is In Your Hands
by Terry Butler

Everything is in Your hands
Everything is in Your hands
Everything is in Your hands, oh God

My past and my present and things yet to come
My days are in Your hands, each and every one
I know You can handle any challenge that I face
You promised You’d be there every step that I take

There’s nothing too big, that You aren’t bigger
Remind us again Lord, that You are in control
We know You can handle any challenge that we face
You promised You’d be there every step that we take

I know that things won't always go my way. I have just felt so weary lately and worn down and have been struggling from being so busy. I needed these blessings and good things today to encourage and refresh me. So thankful everything is in His hands.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Busy Mode

Recent happenings include: We celebrated something every week in March, Caleb's birthday, our 15th wedding anniversary, Luke's birthday, then Big A's birthday. It was a wonderful month! We spent one fun filled evening at the fair. Luke and I rode the Chinese Dragon little roller coaster. The whole time Luke was yelling, "Yay, this is awesome, I love it." Big A and the boys rode the balloons.

Lots of cuddles and hugs from Luke. He is seven and I know they won't last forever. :(

Baseball, baseball, baseball. You are consuming our lives, but we are loving it.

Caleb pitched the other night in the last inning of his game. The score was tied and the other team was trying hard to score. Caleb struck out the first batter, walked one, then the next two batters got hits, but the team got both of them out. Caleb's team was so excited to end the game with a tie. (Yes, they are struggling in the win column.)
So, so proud of Caleb. This is his first year to play and he has done so well. Remember he started out the very 1st practice with a black eye. He has persevered and gained so many baseball skills since then.

Counting down to the end of school. Come quickly May!