Saturday, March 19, 2011

Luke's 7th Birthday!

On Tuesday, Luke turned 7! We had a full day and evening, so Luke opened his presents right when he woke up. He said if felt like Christmas.

Grannie and PawPaw came to stay with us over Luke's birthday. It was so wonderful to spend time with them, it just went by too quickly. Back to our day, after breakfast Luke wanted to go to Build a Bear. He didn't want a new bear, he purchased a star wars costume for his bear at home.

Next, Luke wanted to do the bungee jump in the mall. He said he loved it. Luke did hold on for dear life the whole time.

We then had lunch at Fuddruckers, and a couple of mishaps with keys, HEB, and communication. Everything worked out okay- sorry Dad we weren't at HEB on time. Then Caleb had a baseball game and Luke had baseball practice. We made it home close to 8:00 pm and had cake. Luke kept saying he wanted a cookie cake, but when we stopped by the store he saw this orange and blue cake and had to have it.

Happy Birthday Luke! Luke is so sweet, loving, funny, and an all around great boy!

We had a super day celebrating Luke's birthday!

It was extra special because of our guests!

Luke + Caleb + Grannie = Fun

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Dianna said...

Luke So glad we got to spend time with you on your birthday!!! Great time!!! xxooo Grannie