Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A list

  1. I wanted to do better than just three blog posts in February.
  2. March has begun- the month that all three of the important guys in my life have birthdays, Caleb first, then Luke, and finally Big A.
  3. I have lots of things to blog about- just no time.
  4. Opening day for Little League is Saturday.
  5. In preparation, Caleb's team has been practicing seven to ten hours a week. Luke's team has practiced two hours a week.
  6. Caleb, my first March birthday boy, has agreed to no party this year with friends. Instead he will receive extra presents. YES! We just do not have time for a party. I did tell him he could have a sleep over with a few friends sometime soon.
  7. Caleb will have a two hour practice on his birthday. He has to be there- his team did have 11 members, but one of the players (who is a great catcher, pitcher, and hitter) just broke his hand. They are down to 10 players. Nine players are needed to play. Should be an interesting season.
  8. Luke is having big problems batting- he would rather play t-ball he told me.
  9. My college semester is halfway over. I'm dreading April- in each of my four classes a paper is due that month. UGH!
  10. Yesterday it was 79 degrees here people.
  11. My azaleas are starting to bloom.
  12. We had pancakes for breakfast and I just saw it is National Pancake Day. I added chocolate chips to mine. DELICIOUS! Why haven't I done that before?
  13. Luke is on a Junie B. kick. In the last week we have read two Junie B. books. Luke has started his own first grade journal.
  14. Lori out.


Jack Foster said...

79 degrees? I AM so jealous! :o) God bless you and your family Lori.

Dianna said...

Love your writing and updates so much...I keep saying it BUT the GARZA gal and guys have so much FUN!!! Miss you guys love you guys so glad you are having such a good spring...79 is mighty fine!!