Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Best Day Ever!

With our homeschool group we attended a performance of The Hobbit put on by the A.D. Community Players in Houston. The actors were amazing!

The actor who played Gollum was creepy and perfect in that part. His scenes were intense and spellbinding.

The Hobbit is one of Big A's favorite books. Happily, he took off from work to join us. Interestingly, this performance was held in a round theater with only three rows. We were in the first row and the action took place right in front of us. Towards the end of the story, the huge dragon came out right next to Big A and one of the characters shot a real arrow at the dragon to kill him. Thankfully, he was a good shot and the arrow came no where near my guys.

After the show, the cast signed autographs. Caleb with Gandalf and the Lake-town Guard.

Bilbo Baggins, Caleb, and Thorin
(Luke declined all autographs and pictures.)

Can you guess what store this is? Here's a hint, my mom and sister would have loved to have shopped here with me. Near the theater in a nice part of Houston, we found this massive Goodwill. I only shopped for about thirty minutes. Everything in the store was high quality.
*In full disclosure on the way home we stopped at another Goodwill in Houston. I did spend more than thirty minutes there. Yes, we are addicted to thrift stores.

After our first Goodwill stop, we ate lunch at Chuy's Mexican Restaurant. The food was delicious. Aaron and I ordered the same dish and our waiter mentioned that it was spicy. He wasn't kidding the food was so hot, but we loved the yummy flavors!

Best boys
Best play
Best Goodwill shopping
Best Mexican food
Best husband
Best Day Ever!

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Dianna said...

In the words of Junie B. Jones...:wow we wow wow wow'! Be sure and tell Lukie I said so!