Saturday, March 5, 2011

12 pictures to recap Caleb's 11th birthday

Caleb is eleven. How is that possible that eleven years have gone by since he was born? I love, love my almost grown up, tween Caleb.

Since we are so busy with Little League, Caleb opted for no friend party, just time with family and presents. We had a full evening, so Caleb opened presents right when he woke up, before Big A went to work.

After breakfast we journeyed to Toys R Us. Caleb had $$$ from Grannie and PawPaw to spend.

He shopped and examined, but ended up only spending $20 that day. He wanted to keep thinking about what to purchase.

Caleb played with new toys and built Legos in the afternoon. Um, yes we took off from school. The beauty of homeschooling.

Love, love, love him!

While he played, I made him a cake. Now you have to know Caleb. He does not eat any candy or chocolate, and only specific sweets. Now Luke makes up for him, because he eats all candy and all chocolate and all sweets. Caleb loves cinnamon and we found a cake mix for Decadent Cinnamon Cake made by Betty Crocker. Caleb had to have it. So I made him a cinnamon cake and decorated it. Here is where my training at the Cookie Co. came in handy. LOL.

Thankfully, Caleb's practice that night was cancelled. Luke did have practice though. So after Luke's practice we met up with Big A's parents at a Mexican restaurant in town. Another of Caleb's new loves is Fajitas.

So we had a dinner of Fajitas, presents from the grandparents, and cinnamon cake for dessert.

Here is our after dinner discussion:
Me: I just love Mexican food.

Big A: I just love Mexicans.

Caleb: Maybe that's because we're part Mexican.

So funny. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guys! I love you Caleb!!


Dianna said...

Laughing out Loud!!!! Just too entertaining and too funny.....even though we could not be there seeing your pictures is the next best thing!!! Those boys are growing so much!!! Can't believe how tall and grown up those guys are especially CALEB!!!

Hope to see you S O O N!!!

Char said...

It is hard for me to imagine you have a son who turned eleven. Time does seem to fly by. Would love to meet your family someday.