Tuesday, February 8, 2011

B & B

Boys & Baseball

Luke really wanted to play baseball this year. He has been talking about it for months. We went to sign him up and he was so excited. Since his birthday is in March he will be on the 7 year old team with the coach pitching.

We have been practicing and practicing. Aaron has been having to work a lot of overtime so when he gets home it is dark. Who does that leave to practice with Luke? Yours truly. My brothers and sister are probably laughing because I have absolutely no baseball skills.

We have been practicing in the back yard and at the park. The park makes it feel more like a baseball field.

Caleb was on the fence about playing. He has never played before on a team, but he loves playing in the backyard and can hit well. When we signed Luke up several of the coaches talked to Caleb and wanted him to sign up. Caleb thought about it and the next Saturday we signed him up too.

Caleb can hit the ball far and throw really good. We are working with him on catching.

Playing around at the park:

Big A came home from work early one day to practice them and spent the weekend practicing with the boys. There were some tears.

A few days ago both boys had tryouts to see what team they would be on. We spent from 1:45 to 6:00 p.m. at the ballpark. Both boys did pretty good. And they both had a blast playing on a real field.

This week they will be assigned to a team and then practice will start. Then life will get busier. Hoping and praying for a great baseball season!


Grannie said...

Love the update....Over 5 hours spent at tryouts...I know you were exhausted...why the tears???Poor Lukie. Looking forward to coming down for at least one or two games...Let us know the schedule when you get it. Suppose to be more ice and snow tonight...more fun..Love ya

Lori said...

The tears were caused by me. I tossed him the ball and it hit him in the chest. Can't believe you are supposed to get more ice and snow!

Grannie said...

Yep another no school day! Rain, turned to ice and sleet and then snow. About an inch of snow...but the ice was awful....BUT by Sunday suppose to be 70!!!!! All I can say is....it's TEXAS....