Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1st Baseball Practice

First baseball practice and what does Caleb come home with? Yes, a black eye.

I took this picture from the van so as not to embarrass him or anything. A few minutes later the ball bounced off of Caleb's glove and hit him in the eye.

The coach talked to him and got him ice and Caleb completed the practice. Aaron and I both were worried that Caleb would be upset and want to quit baseball. He was fine, but his eye was not.

1st day- it was swollen, like almost swollen shut.

Caleb was still excited about baseball and said everything was okay.

2nd day- the swelling went down but it turned purple.

He's a trooper!

3rd day- his bruise is turning yellowish/ green and getting bigger. I think Caleb is now enjoying the novelty of having a black eye. Yesterday at Co-op he was asked about his eye repeatedly and he shared the story. He told me to make sure I posted pictures of his eye on my blog.

Last night Caleb had his second practice. Everything went well. The first thing Caleb said to me after practice was, "That was awesome, I had so much fun!"

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Dianna said...

WOW that is a black eye all right! Reminds me of when you got your shiner Lori...tel Caleb weare proud of him and his toughness.. Love, hugs and kisses