Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sir Paws

Luke loves all animals. He has wanted a kitten for a long time. We have a couple of outside cats, but Luke didn't get to experience them as a kittens. One night Luke started crying saying, "I just want an inside kitten so bad." Yes, Luke can be dramatic.

One of my friends, a cat person, found two skinny, tiny kittens by her house that were probably dropped off. I happened to stop by her office before Christmas and she had them there. They were all bone with big heads. She knew Luke wanted a kitten and offered us one. I told her we would think about it, but we were about to go out of town for a week so we would have to wait.

She proceeded to find homes for the kittens. One went right away. The second one she couldn't find a home for. Her other three cats started acting out to show their dislike of the kitten. This past Monday, my friend again offered the kitten saying she would have to take the kitten to the animal shelter if he didn't get a home. Monday night Big A and I debated about getting a kitten. We both decided we didn't want to deny Luke something he really wants that is in our power to give to him.

I waited till the morning then called my friend up and went to pick up the kitten.

Meet Sir Paws (Paws for short).

He is the sweetest kitten.

He follows us wherever we go. During school time he sleeps under the table.

Sir Paws lets Luke play with him.

I has serious doubts about getting a kitten. But I decided to embrace life and take the bad that comes with the good.

We had a productive week schooling with no attitude problems. Caleb said Sir Paws helped them with their school work.

Paws is still skinny with a big head and ears, but is growing into them.

So cute!

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Grannie said...

lORI THIS IS B I G NEWS FROM THE GARZA HOUSE!!!!! I agree he is just too adorable.....he will be some a great blessing to the Garza household...I know, I know the inside cat 'stuff' that comes along with the kitty BUT it is doable. When Nila and Simba were inside cats it was good....they were right at hand and so loveable too...stayed so close by and just wanted to be loved...HOWEVER, when we moved here it was just never the same...someone told me if they move to a house and there have been previous animals it can make cats do strange things...and we are out more where there are woods and other critters...anyway enjoy...glad you and Aaron gave in...teh boys will remember this foreve. I did notice how much Caleb loves animals too! love ya!