Friday, January 28, 2011

Marco Polo Week

Last week we learned all about Marco Polo and the Silk Route. We read Marco Polo A Journey Through China by Fiona MacDonald. Marco Polo traveled halfway around the world on a search for rare plants, medicines, spices, silk, wool, glassware, metalware, ceramics, porcelain, and bronze. He traveled to the east collecting goods then returned them to his shop in Venice to sell.

The boys made a fun craft using spices. Favorite spices imported into Europe from India and the Spice Islands include ginger, nutmeg, black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon.

They made a spice map. I printed out a map of the silk road, then the boys made a collage with it using spices.

The finished project:

Then I cut up tortillas spread butter on them and had the boys top them with different spices. We warmed them in the over and had a yummy spicey snack. We talked about how spices can add so much flavor. No wonder people traveled halfway around the world for spices.


Grannie said...

What a wonderful experience and I can just smell how yummy all those spices smelled! Just too wonderful...tell Caleb is is getting so handsome...and little Lukey is a cutie too :D!!

Starr said...

Love this project! How fun!