Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Update

Good morning on this cold day! It is 10:00 and we are taking a quick break from school. We are experiencing super cold weather for us- right now it is 32 degrees.

My cold remedies are....

a hot breakfast of oatmeal and hot tea,

and a toasty fire.

My classes started this week. Last semester was successful (Yay!). I earned all A's. This semester I am taking Anthropology, Domestic Violence, Social Problems, and the second History class.

Big A is super busy. He is working about 12 to 15 hours of overtime a week. He did score a new Sorry Sliders game from Goodwill last week. Lots of fun to play.

And Sir Paws is taking over the house.

Luke adds, "Sometimes Paws gets into mischief when we are gone. Most likely Paws scratches the curtains. A lot of times if Paws is not tired he will come into my room and keep me awake. So I try to tire him out before bedtime."

1 comment:

Grannie said...

Lori 32 DEGREES in Beaumont!!?? What is happening to our world???49 states have snow.....strange indeed BUT loved your little escape from it all and loved that fire!!! Tea too...stay warm...and tell Sir Paws hope to meet him soon! Lukey is surely in love with that little kitten....