Friday, January 21, 2011

For the boys

The boys love to see themselves and their creations on my blog, so this is for them.

For Christmas we gave Luke a Lego castle set and Grannie and PawPaw gave him a different castle set. He combined them to make this tall castle.

The boys received scooters from Aaron's parents. They want to ride every day!

We gave Caleb the Lego Space Shuttle. I thought it would take him a week or so to put this together. He had it complete in one day.

Paper Jamz were a big hit too!

Caleb loves anything to do with space or NASA. He loves this Space Shuttle!

Grannie and PawPaw gave this Star Wars Lego set to Caleb.

While Caleb loves the space shuttle, Luke loves jets. He built this mainly by himself with just a little help!

Their birthdays are coming up soon! More toys!

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Grannie said...

I can't believe how wonderfully talented these 2 guys are!!! Someday they may be designed real space rockets and jets!!!Tell them hello!