Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Tooth!

Luke has lost his first tooth! And yes he really lost it. First thing when he woke up we realized his tooth was super loose. I wanted to try and pull it but he was scared it would hurt so I thought I would let him eat breakfast first and then pull it. He asked for a bowl of cereal, because "it is soft." Curiously, while he was eating his cereal Luke remarked that there was something hard in his cereal. I didn't think anything about it. Thirty minutes later, Luke is playing and I notice a space between his teeth. I take a closer look and yes his tooth is gone. Luke pipes up, "That must have been the hard thing I ate in my cereal." We will have to do better with tooth #2.

1 comment:

Grannie said...

WOW Lukie first tooth!!! You are officially in the 'big guy club' glad to see you guys this past week...hope to see you again soon!!! HUGS and KISSES