Thursday, October 28, 2010

Make A Difference Tour

Aaron and I had quite the date night all thanks to my Dad. He was offered two free VIP tickets to the Make a Difference Tour. But the tour was not coming to his city, it was coming to mine. Beaumont! My Dad called me up and said, "I signed you and Aaron up for these free tickets." The tickets included a dinner with special guest Max Lucado. Aaron's parents kindly took the boys for the evening, and we headed to the dinner.

We were served a yummy dinner with dessert and enjoyed the talk by Max Lucado. Then on to the concert. Do you know who was a part of this tour? Try Toby Mac, Third Day, and Michael W. Smith. Yes, all together. We had great seats near the front.

7:00 p.m. came and Jason Gray opened the show, then Toby Mac came on stage. I think he had 9 people on stage with him. He is the ultimate performer! The music, the lights, the bass, the video screen- it was quite an experience.

Our seats were off to the side, so we could see a timer on the corner of the stage. Do you see the clock with the red numbers? Each performer had 40 minutes and we would watch the clock count down for each performer. Back to the music, my favorite song from Toby Mac was "Jesus Freak". Loved it!

Next, on a smaller stage in the back of the auditorium Michael W. Smith and Mac Powell from Third Day came out and did 20 minutes of worship. Then Toby Mac came out and all together they sang another of my favorite DC Talk songs, "In The Light".

Next was back to the main stage with Third Day. I love, love their song, "Give Me Revelation".
Give me revelation,
Show me what to do,
I'm just trying to find my way,
I haven't got a clue
Tell me should I stay here,
Or do I need to move,
Give me revelation,
I've got nothing without you

Next Max Lucado came out and he got twenty minutes on the clock. He spoke about helping others and asked people to sign up to sponsor children through World Vision. Then we had a 15 minute intermission. The following picture is during that time.

The concert then started back up with Michael W. Smith. He sang some of his new songs, Secret Ambition, but what I enjoyed the most was his worship songs. He sang Breathe, Above All, Draw Me Close, and more.

I had never seen Michael W. Smith play the guitar before, but he played the guitar and the keyboard.
Wait, the concert is not over! Then Toby Mac and Mac Powell came out on stage and joined Michael W. Smith. Together they sang, "City on its Knees" and "God of This City". It was amazing!

After three and a half hours, sadly the concert was over. We had a super time! Thanks Dad!

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Grannie said...

GREAT recap and pictures! Glad you got to go and Happy Birthday-celebration weekend!