Thursday, October 14, 2010


First an update. We are enjoying the milder weather, and spending lots of time outside. I joined Facebook, and am trying not to spend too much time on there. Whenever I have free time (free time what is that) I have to choose between the blog and facebook. Lately, facebook is winning. Sorry blog. I am super busy with my classes, but hooray I am at the halfway point of this semester. I got an A on my Philosophy midterm last week. This week I have a history test and film appreciation test and quizzes in my other classes. I have been so busy that housework and grocery shopping have been neglected. Yesterday I planned the menu for the week, wrote out my list, completed my shopping and put everything away. This morning I wake up and my refrigerator and freezer aren't working. What?! A repairman is coming this afternoon. Hopefully it will be an easy fix. Sadly, two half gallons of Blue Bell Ice Cream were melted this morning and are ruined.

On to 10-10-10, my birthday. I turned 34 and it was a lovely day and weekend. Saturday, Aaron and the boys took me to my all time favorite restaurant, Saltgrass and it cost us 50 cents plus the tip. Here is how: in the summer we ate at Saltgrass, they told us about their dining club. It cost $25 to join, but if you logged on and registered your card within 24 hours they put the $25 back on the card to use. Also, in your birthday month they give you $25. So we registered it within the 24 hours and under my name since my birthday comes first. October 1st we had $50 waiting to be used. I was so looking forward to this dinner. Aaron got ribs and shrimp and I got steak and coconut shrimp. Saltgrass really has the most delicious food. With all of our food and after using our card we owed 50 cents.

Sunday morning the boys delivered my birthday presents. I received a purse, a candle, and some new tennis shoes. I loved all of the gifts!

Sunday night Aaron grilled my favorite dinner, chicken fajitas. It was just as scrumptious as Saltgrass. Our after dinner pictures:

34 on 10-10-10 was pretty terrific!

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Grannie said...

Love the update and so glad you updated your blog...I'm looking at facebook but pretty superficial...but the blog so nice

so glad you had a nice BD!! Love the quilt...looks familiar......
so glad all is going ya!