Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kindness and Fish

One morning we felt the pull of nature and had to get out of the house. So we packed up our school books and headed to the Botanical Gardens with the intent to walk around some then sit down and complete some school work. We meandered around and had the place to ourselves. We found a shaded spot with benches and started on school work. Then a gardener came over to us with a bucket of fish food. He thought the boys might like to feed the fish in the pond. We put down the books and headed back to the pond. The boys loved feeding the fish and turtles, and even noticed a snake in the water. The boys didn't get much of their school work done that morning, but we had a delightful time at the gardens. Of course we stopped by the playground before heading home. I so appreciated the kindness of the gardener to us, it really made our morning special.

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Grannie said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! When we were there I guess a year or so ago when K and C it was Spring and the plants had not bloomed just yet! What a refreshing beautiful morning....great to talk to you