Saturday, August 28, 2010

On August 29, 1970 Glen and Diane were married.

Diane was the oldest of eight children with an alcoholic father.
Glen was the second oldest in his family of twelve children. He was the son of a preacher, was raised in church and was already preaching and playing music in church.
They were young and in love so they married.
Soon after they began their family. They lived and pastored in Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, and Texas. They raised two daughters and two sons. They earned college degrees.
They lived a good life.
Through thick and thin, they always supported each other. They put the needs of their family above their own. They served others in their church and community. They educated and bettered themselves. They never backed down from a challenge. They sought out a better life for their family. They were positive thinkers. They raised their children well.

My parents, Glen and Diane, continue to live a good life. They will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. I celebrate with them for the Godly marriage they modeled to us kids, their love for each other, and the good life they have lived.
Here is to many more happy years together.
Happy 40th Anniversary!


Grannie said...

Thank you Lori for such a tribute! So sweet and so glad your computer is alive and well again! A second care package is on your way! Talk to you later today I ya!

Holly Young said...

Happy Anniversary!!! 40 years is such an accomplishment! I thank God for such Godly examples as your parents!! Send them my love:)