Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Fun in Beaumont

We were driving home and noticed the Verizon race car from the Nationwide Series at where else, the Verizon store. We stopped to take a closer look and get pictures.
The boys are attending VBS at a local church this week. It is not our church, but a church that is known around town for putting on one of the best VBS' in Beaumont. Caleb was a little hesitant about going and said he would only like it if they would have video games. Well no video games, the VBS is called Marketplace A.D. with the theme- Jesus, Author and Finisher of our Faith. The entire place is decorated in a Bible times theme,with the gym turned into a marketplace.

The entrance to some of the classrooms.

Every worker and every child attending has a tunic to wear complete with a belt and money pouch. At the market they receive pennies to put in their money pouch for completing a craft. They can take their pennies and buy sweets, but they have to watch out for the tax collector who can take some of their money. Caleb said he gave some money to a beggar as well.

The boys are loving this VBS! In fact Mr. Video Games, I mean Caleb told me that he wants to attend every year he can, then be a teen helper, then be a teacher of a class, and finally be the pastor at the church. Yes, that is what he said.

Another summer activity for us is the library's summer reading program. Each week they have a different event. This week a park ranger visited and talked about skins and skulls. Lukey enjoyed seeing the animal furs and the skulls.

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Grannie said...

I love it....the boys are having a great summer and very the has been a while since I checked in and wow...a lot is going on with the Garza guys and gal!

Hope to talk to you today and see you soon!!!