Thursday, June 24, 2010

We all need a Mrs. Brown in our lives

We went by the grocery store and Odwalla Carrot Juice was on clearance. I couldn't pass it up so into the cart it went. Have you ever had carrot juice? It is smooth and creamy, kind of like milk, but tastes just like fresh carrots. It's a little weird, but very healthy.

Drinking the carrot juice took me back to the first time I ever had carrot juice. Mrs. Brown made me some in her juicer. I started thinking a lot about Mrs. Brown. I think everyone needs a Mrs. Brown in their life. My family met Mrs. Brown when we moved to Maryland for my Dad to pastor a church there. My first memory of her is taking our family into the basement of the church and giving us sodas while the members of the church voted upstairs on whether to hire my Dad as pastor. He got the vote and we moved to Maryland.

Mrs. Brown became a big part of my life. She invited me and my siblings over to her house to swim in her huge swimming pool. We had been living way out in the country in Kentucky far away from all swimming pools. It seemed like we had an open invitation to Mrs. Brown's house to swim. My brothers and I spent hours upon hours in her pool. For three kids, from ages 9 to 13, getting to swim in her pool during the summers was like winning the lottery. I never heard her yell at us that we were too loud (I'm sure we were), that we were making a mess (yep, I bet we did), or that we were inconveniencing her plans and life. In fact she seemed to get joy from being with us. We lived in Maryland for four years and were always welcome at Mrs. Brown's house.

Mrs. Brown was ahead of her time in nutrition. She had a juicer and she enjoyed using it. I enjoyed the concoctions she would make, my brothers would not. Most days that we would swim she would make us banana ice cream. To make the so called banana ice cream she took a frozen banana and ran it through the juicer. It came out looking like soft serve ice cream. She would walk out to the pool and I can just hear her, she would say, "Lori, Joey, Timmy I made you a snack." I loved the banana treat -the boys not as much. Other times I was at her house she made fresh orange juice, apple juice, and even carrot juice. I happily tried each one. Now her juicer had multiple parts so each time she made us a drink or snack with the juicer it was a big deal to take it apart and wash all the pieces.

Here are other ways Mrs. Brown impacted my life from when I was 13 to 17: she gave me a surprise birthday party, would take me shopping and buy me clothes, gave me a perm, taught me to knit, took me grocery shopping, would have me come clean her house and be very generous with the pay, invite kids over from church to play ping pong, let us "shop" for free in her spare bedroom filled with bath and beauty items she purchased on sale, I stayed with her for a week when my parents took my sister to college, and I'm sure she did more that I don't remember. Here is another thing about Mrs. Brown- she was always positive, cheerful, and working for the Lord.

So Mrs. Brown thanks for the banana ice cream, the carrot juice, the swimming, and everything else. I hope one day that I can be a Mrs. Brown to someone. So thankful Mrs. Brown was a part of my life for those four years!


Grannie said...

What a sweet tribute to a very generous sweet lady!

Ann Brown said...

Oh Thank You Lori for those wonderful memories of our four years together. I so-o-o Loved your whole family and cried terribly when you all left.....but I got to play hostess when All of you came back for Julie's wedding! We made tissue flowers...the boys were tired of helping....LOL
Also when Pastor and Dianna went to bed....Dianna on one twin bed and Pastor on trundle one. Minutes after laying down, Pastor's bed sunk back down to floor. Dianna asked "Are you alright down there? LOL