Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Few Things

Aslan is on the move!
1. The Chronicles of Narnia is being presented by Co-op's 4th-7th graders. Starring our own Caleb as the Professor and a Leopard in the battle scene. The kids are presenting the Magician's Nephew for Act 1 and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for Act 2. Caleb and the cast have been working so hard with extensive practices. I can tell you it is going to be amazing! One of the Dads at Co-op and local radio personality, Jeff Roberts, is playing the part of Aslan. The kids love Jeff and he is outstanding as Aslan. Can you tell I am excited about this? We have the White Witch, beavers, a centaur (yes, the drama teacher is amazing and built a centaur costume), a dwarf, Maugrim, the Pevensie children, and a wardrobe, a sledge, the stone table, a lamp post and more. We have three performances this week on Tuesday and Thursday. I am so proud of Caleb for his hard work.

2. The pet rats are back visiting our house. Luke's science class at Co-op has two rats for a class pet. They really are sweet, but I still can not touch them. Thank goodness for dear hubby who will get them out of the cage.  Oh, and my skilled husband was awarded Employee of the Month on Friday and received $50 and a parking space in the parking garage for the next month. He can do anything!

3. Is he not the cutest? Luke picked out this outfit and was ready to play soccer. I love him!

4. My garden is growing. I have tomatoes! Well, green tomatoes. I am so loving my garden!

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Grannie said...

WOW DOUBLE WOW! Wish we could be there for Caleb's big day! We will have a video popcorn party and see it with you guys soon-very soon I hope!

Lukey is so cute!

Congrats BIG A!! not surprised at all! Glad other see the greatness in you!

XX000 Grannie