Friday, April 2, 2010

March Madness

Dear Husband's birthday was in March. He took off from work and the plan was to do whatever he wanted to do. He decided to take the family to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to visit the Chronicles of Narnia Exhibit.
This is so like Aaron. Caleb and Luke are fascinated with Narnia at the moment. Caleb has read all the books this year in Literature at Co-op, and his drama class is presenting Narnia in May. Luke and Caleb love to play swords and, I think, pretend to be Peter and Edmund. Aaron decided to do something special for the boys on his birthday. I love him for that.
The exhibit was incredible. They had costumes, swords, and shields from the Narnia movies. Also, we saw Mr. Tumnus' scarf and packages. The boys got to sit on the White Witch's throne and see her dress and crown. I could go on and on, but the best part of the day was being with Aaron. We followed our museum visit with a birthday dinner at Saltgrass. Yum, as Saltgrass may be one of the best places to eat in Texas. Really!
Aaron is a wonderful husband, provider, and dad. I am so blessed.
Aaron's Mom said we have March Madness at our house with three birthdays and our anniversary. Goodbye, March.

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Grannie said...

Thanks for sharing....AARON is A #1. Super guy-husband and father....that is why we love him so!