Sunday, April 25, 2010

An almost perfect day

One day last week we completed our school work in the morning, then headed outside for a picnic lunch of sandwiches and freshly popped popcorn. It was a beautiful day and we just had to get outside.

The wind was blowing my freshly washed sheets on the clothes line. Seeing the sheets on the line made me happy.

Everyone was all smiles.

After lunch the boys played in the backyard.

Birds love our backyard too and I went to take down the sheets and noticed bird droppings on them. Ugh, back to the washer.

And the boys did not stay smiling all afternoon, of course they started to pick with each other. But even with the soiled sheets and bickering it was still an almost perfect day.

Field Trip #1

The past couple of weeks our Co-op has gone on two field trips. The first one was to Forbidden
in Houston. Forbidden Gardens is an outdoor museum that takes you back in time to Ancient China. They have 6,000 Terra cotta soldiers and a model of the Forbidden City, among other exhibits.

This looks just like the real Terra cotta army.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go Astros!

I am so behind in blogging! Two weeks ago, we woke up and Aaron said, "We could go to a baseball game today." So we hopped in the van and drove to Houston to see the Astros.

Fortunately, we got great seats opening week.

Unfortunately, the Astros lost.

Fortunately, the boys had a blast and after the game all of the kids were allowed to run the bases.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Fair

The Southeast Texas State Fair has come and gone. We spent one evening at the fair. There were highs and lows.
The boys loved the Nascar ride and rode it several times.
The Chinese Dragon Coaster

The slide.

The boys pondering their next move.

Aaron and Caleb went for the Crazy Mouse ride.

Luke decided on the jeeps.

Some things about the fair:
  • There was chocolate covered bacon for sale. I did not try it.
  • There was also a donut burger for sale. A donut burger consists of a bacon cheeseburger served on a sliced Krispy Kreme donut. I did not try this.
  • The next Monday at Co-op Luke proceeded to tell several of his teachers that he ate a donut burger. He told them his dad got one and gave him a bite. Nothing of the sort happened.
  • We had to have a talk with Luke about lying. He said, "I was just joking, but I didn't tell them I was."
  • One of the boys' favorite attractions is the fun house. Our fair had several fun houses. I tried one with the boys where at the end there is a spinning drum one has to run through. I thought perhaps I could crawl through. I start to slowly crawl and the drum is turning and I get dumped over and land on my shoulder. I then get stuck and can not get out. The attendant had to stop the spinning drum for me to climb out. I felt old, embarrassed, and my shoulder hurt. It would have been hilarious if I had seen it on America's Funniest Videos, but living it is not hilarious.
  • Caleb says the correct way to get through a spinning drum is run as fast as you can. He had no problem with the spinning drum.

Next year I will avoid all fun houses that boast spinning drums.

Friday, April 2, 2010

March Madness

Dear Husband's birthday was in March. He took off from work and the plan was to do whatever he wanted to do. He decided to take the family to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to visit the Chronicles of Narnia Exhibit.
This is so like Aaron. Caleb and Luke are fascinated with Narnia at the moment. Caleb has read all the books this year in Literature at Co-op, and his drama class is presenting Narnia in May. Luke and Caleb love to play swords and, I think, pretend to be Peter and Edmund. Aaron decided to do something special for the boys on his birthday. I love him for that.
The exhibit was incredible. They had costumes, swords, and shields from the Narnia movies. Also, we saw Mr. Tumnus' scarf and packages. The boys got to sit on the White Witch's throne and see her dress and crown. I could go on and on, but the best part of the day was being with Aaron. We followed our museum visit with a birthday dinner at Saltgrass. Yum, as Saltgrass may be one of the best places to eat in Texas. Really!
Aaron is a wonderful husband, provider, and dad. I am so blessed.
Aaron's Mom said we have March Madness at our house with three birthdays and our anniversary. Goodbye, March.