Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

I love spring! Isn't it amazing that God not only created a beautiful world for us, but he also gave us the seasons? I think that fall is my favorite in October, but then winter comes and I love the cold and Christmas, then the glory of spring arrives and Easter, and finally summer. God could have made Earth to have all the same weather every day. But in His wisdom, he gave us the seasons. And what a wonderful season spring is. Did I mention that I love spring?

We had a delightful spring break with visitors from Dallas! My parents and my two nieces came to visit. We visited a garden, went to a park, went to HEB for my Dad, ate at Cattle Company and Case Ole, and my parents helped me start a garden, install a clothes line, and my Mom brought me an outdoor fountain.

Everyone needed a Snuggie for the cold mornings.
Beaumont Botanical Gardens

Camryn, I think I might still have maybe a quarter of an inch on you. You aren't taller than me yet! :)

My new clothes line and fountain- they make me happy!

Everyone pitched in to help me start a garden. My Dad built the base for it, and my Mom provided the expertise for the planting.

The kids planted everything.

The completed garden, with tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and zinnias. I am so, so excited about this garden!

Can you see it in the back of the yard?
Thanks Mom, Dad, Camryn, and Kaylin for a wonderful spring break! And for the garden!!

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Tim Gabbard said...

Love the pictures but I must say those Snuggies still look silly...